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About Orient Harmony - Admin-Mod 1 - 10-26-2020

Orient Harmony is a uniting IDEOLOGY for the South-East (SE) and South-South (SS) people of Nigeria, here referred to as either SESS people or Lower Niger people.
We are actually quite fortunate in that despite our different ethnicities (66 main ones) and the artificial Zonal boundaries imposed upon us, the people of SESS/Lower Niger region have similar value systems through our ONE common uniting religious belief. This just cannot be by coincidence. It is a good and special Providence! It really must be because of God's plan for us, and this realization is what should guide us and keep us together because it makes us HOMOGENEOUS and strong by way of our shared Christian religion. 
Since we are all mainly Christians we have the ability to be in the unique brotherly relationship that Christians throughout the ages are known for. Our forefathers created the different names us like Urhobo, Ijaw, Ogoja, Efik, Igbo, Itsekiri etc. These names, since we are under Christ, are like the names of sons in a Christian family having the one Heavenly Father. This family unity should be our reality. 
We ought therefore to show brotherly kindness and concern for everything and anything that concerns and affects any of the people of SESS/Lower Niger. Let us value one another. Let us assist one another.
Orient Harmony is our united and unifying IDEOLOGY. It is that brotherly love, that concern, that interest in everything about all the ethnicities of SESS/Lower Niger area together. Orient Harmony is collective cooperation between the people of SESS/Lower Niger. Orient Harmony is an ideology of alliance for the people of SESS/Lower Niger.
Orient Harmony is a uniting IDEOLOGY for SESS/Lower Niger people of Nigeria.
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Orient Harmony is an IDEOLOGY, a combination of ideas and ideals for the people of SESS/Lower Niger.
Orient Harmony is an IDEOLOGY, it's in the heart, in the mind of SESS/Lower Niger people. It's a lifestyle, a way of life for SESS/Lower Niger people.