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Forum Rules - Admin-Mod 1 - 10-26-2020

SESS = All the ethnic nationalities that comprise the South-East (SE) and South-South (SS) of Nigeria. SESS is therefore SE and SS together.
Lower Niger Bloc = SESS area of Nigeria
Our rules are all built around keeping comments / threads on our forum constructive and intelligent. We want Orient Harmony Forum to be a place where SESS people (and friends of SESS) can come and express themselves and their thoughts on topics without any fear of attacks from other members.

All Forum members agree to abide by the Forum Rules, and acknowledge and accept the DISCLAIMER and LIABILITY STATEMENT found elsewhere on our site. These rules and the associated disclaimer and liability statement are supplementary to the Registration Terms and Conditions of use of the Orient Harmony Forum website.
Our main purpose is to help connect SESS people by sharing quality information and NOT to become an advertising forum. Please follow these rules and guidelines to keep your forum posting organized and the information meaningful and relevant.

1. Forum members must ensure they comply with the Forum Rules. By using Orient Harmony Forum you agree to be subject to these Forum Rules, and that you will keep up to date with them. Please inform us through OrientHarmonyForum@aol.com if you see any content in breach of these rules.
2. Orient Harmony Forum moderators will remove posts and topics which are in breach of these rules. Members breaching the rules may be banned.
3. Be polite and respectful to all forum members, including moderators. Bullying, aggression, nuisance behaviour and discrimination/tribalism/racism will not be tolerated. Language must be professional and polite.
4. Keep discussions on topic. Posts must be appropriate to the forum and the discussion.
5. Posts must not contain any content which could be considered defamatory, offensive, illegal, obscene, deliberately provocative, or inflammatory. NO PORNOGRAPHY! NO TERRORISM! NO CRIMINALITY! NO WEAPONS! NO SOLICITING!
6. Your posting must be your own content. You must be truthful and factual, and opinions and unsubstantiated statements must be acknowledged as such. You must not mislead or misquote, or attempt to impersonate or pose as another person when posting.
7. You must use the edit and delete features responsibly. Only prompt edits are permitted; you must not edit your post retroactively after the discussion has moved on by several other posts. You may only delete posts which are duplicates, in the wrong forum/discussion, or immediately after posting (before members reply). Moderators may bring back deleted posts if they do not follow these rules.
8. You must not post complaints on the forums, particularly if identifying other members, the Orient Harmony Forum team, or any other person or organisation. If you see any breach of the rules, contact OrientHarmonyForum@aol.com
9. You may not post commercial advertisements of any kind EXCEPT IN THE CATEGORY CREATED ON THE SITE FOR FREE ADS – SEE GUIDE BELOW FOR DETAILS. You may provide brief details of a service or product supplier in response to a question or other post, but this should be limited to contact details only. Likewise, spam and references to surveys, contests and so on are not permitted.
10. Forum members are permitted a single account only.
11. Your forum profile is your responsibility to maintain. Your forum name must adhere to rules regarding posts with respect to professionalism and politeness.
12. Posts must adhere to intellectual property law, including copyright law. You must not post, upload, download or otherwise exchange copyright protected material through the forums. Material extracted from copyright protected sources must be referenced. You may be held liable for breaches in copyright, or other, law broken as a result of your posts.